Type of project: Publication
Location: -
Dates: July – November 2016
Client: Isandla Institute
Collaborators: -
Keywords: Informal settlement upgrading, publication
Status: Complete
U4E was hired by Isandla Insitute to compile the contents for a short publication for the Informal Settlement Support Plan (ISSP) for the Western Cape Government. The ISSP project developed design and tenure options for incremental upgrading, which emerged from the ISSP strategic framework and existing national and international practices. The resulting publication, named “Towards Incremental Informal Settlement Upgrading” was targeted mostly at municipal officials to provide guidance on alternative forms of service delivery and upgrading. The publication was structured around five key categories of design and tenure options related to:

1. Community based planning
2. Tenure options
3. Basic service options
4. Community facilities
4. Housing consolidation
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