What is Urbanists for Equity?
Urbanists for Equity (U4E) is a Non-Profit Company (NPC) that works in complex and often less advantaged urban spaces. These spaces range from inner city precincts, informal settlements, low-income residential neighbourhoods to entire cities. 
Vision  and Mission
 'Urban systems that mitigate inequality in cities'
U4E acknowledges that inequality exists in urban environments. This inequality plays at different levels, from individual to structural. As a response U4E envisions urban systems that go beyond an egalitarian response but provide a more enabling environment to those in disadvantaged positions.
Mission: 'Celebrate complexity in cities to create opportunities for all'
Cities are spaces of contestation. A range of actors with different interests and needs interact in cities generating complex social, economical and spatial environments. U4E believes that there is room for innovative ideas to take advantage of these complexities to design new systems that provide better opportunities to all citizens.
What do we do?
Our work focuses on the development of equitable urban systems, using various methods in our practice to find solutions. These methods range from doing in-depth research, to community participatory processes and creating strategic plans and programs. Our clientele have therefore included government, architecture and urban planning firms, and other organisations.
Who we are?
U4E is a young organisation whose core team is made of three members.  These core members have between 5 and 10 years of experience in the broad fields of urban planning and architecture in South Africa and Spain. U4E team grows according to project needs and demands. We also collaborate with other professionals and organisations of similar and complementary skills for the different projects.